Salim & Sulaiman pay tribute to Khayyam Saab with Umrao Jaan Ada the musical

Salim & Sulaiman

Khayyam saab is a legend of the Bollywood fraternity with blockbuster hits such as “Kabhie Kabhie” and “Umrao Jaan”. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year on the 19th of August due to lung infection.

Salim & Sulaiman,  who have given us great music in their huge span of their career have always been inspired by Khayyam saab since their early childhood. When they decided to make a musical, they right away knew it had to be Umrao Jaan Ada.

Salim stated “I have been a huge fan of Khayyam Saab and have grown up listening to his music. He was present for the first Umrao Jaan play which we did in Mumbai to give his blessings. This one is a small tribute to him from Sulaiman and me.”

Umroa Jaan Ada is a beauty beyond belief with mesmerising sets and costumes which will take the audience back to 19th century lucknow, also for the first time ever will there be live music and live singing at the same time. The play is on 19th and 20th October at  NCPA in Mumbai.

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