About FilmyBulletin

Filmy Bulletin is a Entertainment Website and Social media page which have an account on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and on Helo app. This website is created by an youngest editor name UMAR AJAZ. He is aiming for providing the entertainment and gossip content in the Bollywood.
Filmy Bulletin gives the latest happening, gossips and updates about the celebrities and upcoming movies and everything related to entertainment with the taking care of the truth behind every content. As an editor UMAR AJAZ has been also provide the Platform for new editor to write their content. Hard works and team efforts of Filmy Bulletin team makes this page to become famous on other sites. This makes Filmy bulletin to be verified by TOPBUZZ and HELO and also featured by several websites such as DAILYHUNT, FIRSTPOST, FREEPRESSJOURNAL.COM, LAUGHINGCOLOUR and several other websites. Also worked with PLIXXO.com and also created content on several movies like MANIKARNIKA, JALEBI, ZERO and many more.
UMAR AJAZ is also an amazing personality who is always looking for the influence and dedication of the people to their hard work. Several platform's account of Filmy Bulletin shares the interesting stories. He also understand the demands and likes of the people so he provides the content which is easy to understand for every people.
Filmy Bulletin always looking for providing true content and does't gives fake news for his promotion. As an creator and blogger UMAR AJAZ has very much knowledge about the today's environment of the society with taking care of them they also doesn't post any unfair things related to any community.
On the behalf of the success of his account he always suggest people for to follow his or her passion and always be honest with our work. Filmy Bulletin can also provide a platform for paid promotion.

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